Children Like Loni need your support in order to continue to help positively impact the lives of our community most vunerable children by bridging the gap between children with Intellectual Disabilities and children facing adversities. Doing this we have learned that children with Intellectual Disabilities feel a sense of inclusion and are not seen as different or labeled as such.


Since 2015 we had the opportunity to assist over 1,000 children within our various programs. Our annual Field Day Fun Day in the park, Dance class, Life-Skill class and many more. Our programs allow increase of motor skills and self independency in children with Intellectual Disabilities and children that is facing adversity.  CLL have seen a significant improvement in most of the children increasing their confidence and overall morale.


At Children Like Loni our goal is to serve more Houston area children as the need of our services has increased. Throughout the years we have had a enormous support from our local businesses in our community and we can’t thank them enough for their time and support. With your support we can serve more children with Intellectual Disabilities and children facing adversities by bridging the gap through community fellowship, mentoring, and building character that will shape their life's forever.

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