Kids in Preschool

Programs and Events

The Focus of Our Efforts

Excited Children in Science Class


Children Like Loni has implemented a highly requested program that includes the creative use of cognitive, motor, and social skills. Each activity set forth is specifically selected for the child's age group as well as development level.


We prioritize a healthy and engaging environment for our children that will allow them to freely express themselves. This program is fun, yet educational, and it allows independence, sense of direction, and visionary output.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Life and Social Skills

Life and Social skills is a fundamental program designed to enhance and strengthen the life and social skills of children with intellectual disabilities. Each child is formally assessed based on their cognitive, personal, and interpersonal skills as well as age group.


Our experts construct engaging activities and lesson plans that best suit the child and their needs. In essence, every child works towards achieving a specific goal to improve their quality of life. Classes for this program will commence in June.

Lunch Bags

After-School Meal Program

Thursdays 3pm - 5pm

Bear Creek Crossing Apartments

5535 Timber Creek Pl Dr,

Houston, TX 77084

Children Like Loni has introduced its after school meal program for school age children. Meals are provided to families with children who are experiencing economic hardships. We like to provide these meals on a weekly basis in efforts to combat childhood hunger in deprived communities. Children Like Loni takes pride in offering its children well balanced and nutritional meals that will aid in their growth and development.

Over 8,800 Meals Served Monthly!

Community Service

Community Food Pantry

Thursdays 10am - 12pm

Richard & Meg Weekly Community Center

8440 Greenhouse Rd, Cypress, TX 77433

Amid the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the community has expressed their needs and we are making it our duty to serve them. Children Like Loni has implemented our Community Food Pantry in direct response to the Corona Virus pandemic. We are committed to providing meals to all families in need. This is a weekly program designed to assist families experiencing food insecurities and economic hardships. Children Like Loni values the well-being and stability of its community and is proud to serve! For more information regarding our Community Food Pantry.    

Holding Hands

Resource and Connect

Resource and Connect is an essential program that directly focuses on assisting families of children with intellectual disabilities through community interaction. Within this program, parents are offered valuable information and resources that will benefit their child's livelihood. Resource and Connect meetings are held once a month, beginning in May.


Love Thy Neighbor

Children Like Loni annually devotes our time, donations, and love through our Love Thy Neighbor project. Each year, we select an act of kindness and reach out to different families throughout our servicing areas to give back. 


Some of the things we have done with this project includes, but not limited to hygiene supplies donated to battered women shelters, and provided Thanksgiving dinners to our staff and volunteers.


This project is especially significant to Children Like Loni because we are very grateful and we love giving back.